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The Danolyte Solution

Sanitize | Disinfect | Deodorize

Clean with Nature



Hospital Level Disinfectant

Danolyte Disinfectant + Sanitizer is an EPA registered Hospital Grade, water based, sanitizer and disinfectant consisting of 500ppm free available hypochlorous acid.  Danolyte is a powerful antimicrobial fluid that has 1000's of applications spanning multiple industries from hospitals to food processing facilities and everything in between.  Danolyte is tough enough to destroy Covid-19 and gentle enough to clean the toys in a daycare facility.  This patented no rinse formula does not leave any residue, harsh odors, and does not require the use of PPE when being applied.

Danolyte Global - Mid Atlantic

Danolyte Global - Mid Atlantic is a Virginia-based company dedicated to providing safe and organic solutions to commercial entities, medical facilities, the food and beverage industry, agriculture, and more.  Our products are made in Virginia and provide chemical-free alternatives for disinfectant, seed wash, plant spray, water treatment, and cleaning. Danolyte is an EPA Registered Hospital Grade Disinfectant without harsh chemicals.

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